Read, read, read

This article by Kellner and Share (2009) needs a fine tooth comb through it…I think that it would be helpful for us to pick it apart.  Once you’ve had a read, can you identify one or two practical tools offered by the writers in how this important way of thinking is implemented in our educational curriculums?  I’ll start off by sharing this quote:

“This article explores the theoretical underpinnings of critical media education, examines
some of the obstacles for implementing progressive pedagogical changes, and provides examples of practical applications. A multiperspectivist approach addressing issues of gender, race, class, and power is used to explore the interconnections of media education, cultural studies, and critical pedagogy” (p.3-4).


The following questions can now be addressed by using the comments box below.  Let’s help each other brainstorm how some of their ideas could be demonstrated in our own real life scenarios.


Source unknown


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