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Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro

Originally posted on EDUWELLS:
Code and programming may not be the most important topics on the planet but it is an area of study that sufferers two major problems. one: an industry with millions of unfilled job positions and two:…

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The Mindset of the Maker Educator

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
Here are some graphics, Thinglinks, and the slideshow I created for my Mindset of the Maker Educator Workshop: ?

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Google Forms adds short URLs, randomized questions, more

Often a new online tool pops up and in a flurry I need to play. I’ve discovered that these ‘fly by night’ apps and tools are not the ones to get excited about. This blog points to the way in … Continue reading

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Video newsletters = easy and awesome! Thanks @shareski

Originally posted on Teaching the Teacher:
Writing newsletters is one of least favourite chores. I’m not sure how many parents actually read the newsletter, moreover the production of newsletters takes time away from the things that matter. Could this old-style communication…

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What works in education – Hattie’s list of the greatest effects and why it matters

Originally posted on Granted, and…:
I have been a fan of John Hattie’s work ever since I encountered Visible Learning. Hattie has done the most exhaustive meta-analysis in education. Thanks to him, we can gauge not only the relative effectiveness…

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Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners. Having focus in life is often under valued or unrecognized as we move from work to home to vacation ( if we’re fortunate) and then back to work…the cycle continues.  In my digital world … Continue reading

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“Ignite” Professional Development At Your School

“Ignite” Professional Development At Your School. When we have been working, thinking and living with a particular framework/mindset it is not always easy to view and accept the ideas of others, especially when yours are so deeply ingrained.  Others’ ideas might … Continue reading

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Analyzing iPad Myths in Education

Originally posted on EDUWELLS:
Are you still trying to fight for iPads in your school? Many obstacles that iPad cynics attempt to put in place when discussing a roll-out are based on untruths, poorly research and/or out-of-date information. I was delighted when…

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How It Began

How It Began. If you read Dennis’ blog and your heart is not touched you best ask yourself – Am I really part of the human race?  I’m inspired by stories like these where a simple action in someone’s world … Continue reading

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How can a blog help you learn? There are blogs that inform – for sure!  Then there are blogs that are musings – a bit like mine when I make time for it 🙂 And then there are blogs that … Continue reading

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