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I love to learn! Love to try and make learning fun and interactive! Really enjoy nature and walking for exercise!

Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro

Originally posted on EDUWELLS:
Code and programming may not be the most important topics on the planet but it is an area of study that sufferers two major problems. one: an industry with millions of unfilled job positions and two:…

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Integrating technology into learning

Using technology in the classroom and integrating technology for learning are two different things. The first is something that any teacher can do without much thinking, but to truly integrate technology into education takes a great deal of imagination, thinking … Continue reading

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Helpful for teachers and students too!

Short post…finding this blog was like finding a treasure box! Ideal audience = teachers BUT students or anyone trying to get their head around Google Drive will love it! Why boast about this blog? Well, they followed mine first and … Continue reading

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reflections on e-teaching and e-learning

reflections on e-teaching and e-learning. I can really appreciate that this blog and the writer share a raw honesty and that both are also founded on sound pedagogy that drives that passion to be the ‘best’ teacher that one can be! … Continue reading

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Resources for Developing Online Interaction

Resources for Developing Online Interaction. A gem to keep and refer back to! Thank you Debbie Morrison ( How often do we (as teachers) search the web for helpful sound information to inform our teaching, to support the learning of … Continue reading

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The Mindset of the Maker Educator

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
Here are some graphics, Thinglinks, and the slideshow I created for my Mindset of the Maker Educator Workshop: ?

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Google Forms adds short URLs, randomized questions, more

Often a new online tool pops up and in a flurry I need to play. I’ve discovered that these ‘fly by night’ apps and tools are not the ones to get excited about. This blog points to the way in … Continue reading

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Video newsletters = easy and awesome! Thanks @shareski

Originally posted on Teaching the Teacher:
Writing newsletters is one of least favourite chores. I’m not sure how many parents actually read the newsletter, moreover the production of newsletters takes time away from the things that matter. Could this old-style communication…

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iMovie trailers – A Fun & Easy Icebreaker!

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iMovie trailers on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Here is a great ice breaker activity for you if you have a few iPads to use in your classroom. You will need around one iPad per group of 2-6…

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11 Major Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

Reflecting on mistakes are the learning jewels we all need to accept and I believe that if you can accept ‘educated’ risks as a partner to mistakes then you’re able to shape your learning for life! Educational blog to follow! … Continue reading

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