A Model DIGITAL Citizen

There is just so much digital noise that it almost becomes overwhelming. It is becoming harder to separate the real from the digital. So, pondering on this, how do I sieve through it, sort it and most importantly react to it?

People (in general conversation), the media, friends and in my case even your fellow workmates tell you that technology is changing the way we ‘do life’! I think there is obviously some truth in this, of course, but what does that mean in REAL terms? How am I preparing for what technology brings and its perceived ability to change how I do life almost moment by moment?

Here is my take:


This photo was taken by MPersson (me)


Photo taken by MPersson (me)


Taken by MPersson (me) – Hamilton NZ

These pictures speak volumes about my interests, my integrity, my views on life, in a simplistic way. I make daily choices in REAL life with what I say, think, feel, react or don’t react and so to in my digital world.

I’m not sure about you but these choices need to be even more considered in the digital world I’m building. No one is telling me how to behave – my online persona is my own responsibility, my choice! So I choose to choose wisely. Apps and sites will come and go. This blog may die for a number of reasons other than neglect ( on my part).

These are my practical choices to show my restraint, sanity ( turn off noise) and digital citizenship:
* Turn off the electronic/digital ‘world’ devices at least once a week
* Enjoy the company of real people by listening to them talk about what matters to them
* Get your hands dirty – literally – weed your garden or someone else’s, play in a sandpit
* Go for a walk, breathe in the air and look way ahead of you – focus on a bird in a tree
* Listen to relaxing music relaxing music and share it with someone.
* When in your digital spaces ask yourself…do I consider others, intrigue them, spur thoughts in them to aspire to make a difference in our 21st century existence, in a positive way?

A Model DIGITAL Citizen – are you trying to be one too? Share your thoughts on how you do it.


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