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The reason one goes into teaching is hopefully because you like to learn yourself.  I’m not sure about you but I loved to go to school – it was my safe place!

Even if I couldn’t speak English, wore very unfashionable clothes (which I didn’t know were unfashionable) and had little to no social skills, school represented a place where books lived, where endless possibilities could present themselves, where imagination was valued, where relationships had potential to turn into friendships and where life had order.

So, the reason I went into teaching – to be the forever learner!

Life, Time & Learning


One Response to About – People Persson

  1. My grandparents came to Canada from Iceland in 1900. My mother was born in 1907. When she started school she spoke no English. Her clothes were hand sewn by her mother. Since her name was hard to pronounce the teacher changed it. The Icelanders were called ‘goolies’, I’m not sure why. I can relate to your situations. ~ Dennis

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