Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro

Fear! Fear of failure, fear of looking silly in front of our students but the fear that should drive us is the type that we’ve not given our students every opportunity to advance their learning! Thank you for showing us that coding no longer needs to be so scary! Interestingly, what this has really highlighted is the fact that as teachers we are preparing our students for a future that we don’t even know what it will look like! I know that when I went to school, a very long time ago, I can vouch that what I was given and had opportunity to explore has benefitted me to this day…will that be the case for my students?

Let’s be prepared by learning from each other, just as this blogger is doing for others and pass on useful tips, ideas and encouragement so that you and I don’t freeze in the fear of the educational unknown.


Code and programming may not be the most important topics on the planet but it is an area of study that sufferers two major problems. one: an industry with millions of unfilled job positions and two: a world where not enough teachers feel confident to run programming projects. The iPad can offer a solution in these situations.

There’s an app for that (and a generation)

Fortunately, the world of code education is getting easier and more self-sufficient every month. When I say self-sufficient, I mean such that having an expert in the room is not longer a requirement. Thousands of children, some as young as four, are teaching themselves to program and make apps and games . They are using, apps, YouTube, gadgets, drones and robots, all available at home. This generation are also becoming experts at collaborating online.
Initially, many code teachers in the world were skeptical about whether the…

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