Integrating technology into learning

Using technology in the classroom and integrating technology for learning are two different things. The first is something that any teacher can do without much thinking, but to truly integrate technology into education takes a great deal of imagination, thinking and planning. Embedding technology so that it becomes transparent is clearly an aim to which…

Amen Steve Wheeler! I think you have the power to read minds now!

I’ve often felt that fear of using tech, amongst some, is fear of having to reflect on teaching practice. Re- examining what you’ve done is a humbling experience and I believe, personally, that teaching through tech has potential to highlight pedagogical weaknesses – more to come on this in another post.

I’d like to get rid of the ‘e‘ and move forward with the learning, where tech is the ‘invisible helper’.

How does tech influence your thinking and practice as a teacher and what impact does it have on you as the student?


About msolpersson

I love to learn! Love to try and make learning fun and interactive! Really enjoy nature and walking for exercise!
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