reflections on e-teaching and e-learning

reflections on e-teaching and e-learning.

I can really appreciate that this blog and the writer share a raw honesty and that both are also founded on sound pedagogy that drives that passion to be the ‘best’ teacher that one can be!

Essentially, students want and deserve learning spaces and content that suit their pace of life, learning and that engages deeper and creative thought. Some institutions and teachers have a more traditional and perhaps less adventurous mode of working, as the writer of the blog clearly points out.

I believe that the thought provoking evidence provided from student voice  in the blog impresses on me that ultimately, we the teachers, need to be prepared to learn, stretch and question our thinking – for NOT to do so may mean that our students are NOT prepared or able to engage with the ‘media’ tide we are all experiencing!

Let me close with my picture narrative:

The car is not an invention that in and of itself suits any grand purpose other than to transport but you make it an ambulance, a taxi, a mini van full of kids going to soccer, then and only then, the car has found its true purpose!  Technological devices, spaces and those that are in them – just like the car have no real purpose but upon reading this blog I am so glad that this writer is developing a real sense of purpose for learning for students. We can all learn something from this!

Car of the Future?

Car of the Future?


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