Resources for Developing Online Interaction

Resources for Developing Online Interaction.

A gem to keep and refer back to! Thank you Debbie Morrison (

How often do we (as teachers) search the web for helpful sound information to inform our teaching, to support the learning of our students online, only just to feel frustrated that you are met with tons of advertising, promotions and gimmicks!

I have found that the key to less useless trolling and more guided focused intentional pedagogical treasure hunting comes from my selected social networks! I have tried to build my network with others who are as interested and passionate about teaching and learning online as I am. Others who have tested and researched the pitfalls and advantages that technology can afford our learners are the ones that I have chosen to follow and learn from.

Take the time to think about how your social networks can not only inform your practice but create better connections, workflows and a way forward for your own PD (professional development) at a time when institutions are cutting back on outsourcing this type of needed ongoing learning!


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I love to learn! Love to try and make learning fun and interactive! Really enjoy nature and walking for exercise!
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