Video newsletters = easy and awesome! Thanks @shareski

The voices of our students are potentially the most powerful tool for learning, their own and especially ours as their teachers.

I admire how Stephanie allows her students to show how her teaching is having a positive impact on their learning. Stephanie is able to feel that there is no need to prompt or script her e-newletters and as you listen to these intelligent little individuals you will realise that there is a genuine and honest truth sounding loudly!

The main message here: we love to learn and want others to know that we are learning!

Great role modelling of what it means to learn and teach in the 21st century, to impress the skills and attitudes and values that will propel these learners into the future and in fact to create it!

Teaching the Teacher

Writing newsletters is one of least favourite chores. I’m not sure how many parents actually read the newsletter, moreover the production of newsletters takes time away from the things that matter.

Could this old-style communication become more effective?

Enter Dean Shareski.

One of his suggestions from the recent Singapore Google Apps for Education summit was the idea of instead of sending out a text-heavy newsletter video could do a more effective job of telling what is going on in classrooms. People get to hear tone, voice and realise that yes you are a person not just a teacher.

I decided to have a go at producing a video newsletter for my year group.

During a non-contact period I pulled 3 children out of each of the Year 4 classes out. I asked the group what they’d learned in school for English, Maths and Unit of Inquiry. Each child talked a little bit about what they had…

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