Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners.

Having focus in life is often under valued or unrecognized as we move from work to home to vacation ( if we’re fortunate) and then back to work…the cycle continues.  In my digital world I’m beginning to sense a new kind of focus but it isn’t quite as pronounced as in my ‘real’ physical world.  Unfortunately, I’m not very focussed in my virtual world and the distractions, at times, overwhelm me. My ability to have my own creative thoughts and then being able to reflect or act on them become blurred. I find myself losing interest and hence my focus.

This focus is something that I appreciate when I virtually bump into the lives and learning of such great bloggers such as Susan Oxnevad.  She quietly inspired me to come back to my learning and to reflect on it. There is an order/style in her work and not just in this blog but in all her endeavors, using multiple tech tools, suitable to a number of different audiences and in a number of different contexts. I believe this is more than just ‘style’ but a real reflection of her digital self, her digital tattoo, her respectfulness as a digital citizen that speaks of her passion, expertise and care for the learning of others.

What does my digital focus say about me? As I keep learning and sieving through the abundance of digital dross that can distract me, I need to continue to critically and cautiously evaluate my contributions and consider where I want to take my readers too!


About msolpersson

I love to learn! Love to try and make learning fun and interactive! Really enjoy nature and walking for exercise!
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