“Ignite” Professional Development At Your School

“Ignite” Professional Development At Your School.

When we have been working, thinking and living with a particular framework/mindset it is not always easy to view and accept the ideas of others, especially when yours are so deeply ingrained.  Others’ ideas might cause our own views to shift, be questioned and this makes us uncomfortable.

The ‘temporary’ discomfort that I sense, when people share their own learning like that of  ‘John Falino‘  in his blog, can provide new learning for me, insight, a fresh way to view a concept that could become entrenched and eventually irrelevant or useless.  I have especially been touched by his summary of what he learnt at this year’s ‘Ignite‘ session at ISTE’s 2014 conference. I’ve been to an ‘Ignite‘ here in New Zealand and it is a powerful and empowering way to learn.  I have been touched by one of John’s points – in particular point #2.

The question to ask myself, and any sojourner passing by my lonely blog, is “what does this actually mean – does my ‘digital profile‘ represent me in a way that I can be proud of, that teaches others how to act respectfully online, that provides opportunities for others to question their own views, to learn from and with each other”?  Long question – no short answer! All I know for now is that I am viewing my digital citizenship more and more as a ‘tattoo’ in progress!

Thank you John.

2) “Rebranding Digital Citizenship”: The days of sitting all students in an auditorium for a “one shot” presentation on digital citizenship are over. Instead, digital citizenship needs to be embedded into all aspects of the curriculum and needs to become part of the fabric of the school. Each student is now creating a digital legacy through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, etc. In effect, these outlets are now becoming the new resume. What will colleges and employers find when they search our students’ names? Or worse…what if they find nothing? These (and more) are important questions for schools to tackle head on.



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