Modern Learning Environments

Thoughtful, insightful and sobering post. It is about quality teaching and learning and its about pooling resources (things and people) and giving the best we have. You’ve expressed very well a few key points: a continuous flow of communication at multiple levels, building trusting relationships, encouraging healthy risk taking for all involved. I love your words – “if you want to grow as a practitioner, you will love the MLE” – grow you will! Kia Kaha. Thank you for letting us into your NOT 4 walls!

michaela . pinkerton

I used to love my four walls. Four walls of a traditional classroom with burgeoning displays of superb student work. And a door. Appointments would be made to watch my ‘best’ lesson for appraisal. People said, “see me any time, the door is always open” and it was most definitely a metaphor.

For those of you who have yet to step inside the large open learning spaces of schools such as my current place of work, you may be wondering what I am talking about. But we don’t have walled classrooms in my current kura. The doors are see through. We never say “my door is always open” because our spaces always are, literally.

What is the benefit?

Both my recent teaching experiences and the research, suggest to me that there is one overwhelmingly positive benefit of an open learning space, where several teachers and classes work concurrently and…

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I love to learn! Love to try and make learning fun and interactive! Really enjoy nature and walking for exercise!
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