Ngā kura māuiui o Aotearoa: The sick New Zealand schools

How much more can our schools take? What will the future of our country look like if we don’t invest in our educational system and in those that invest their time, energy and knowledge with our children? It’s not just time to save our schools but it’s time to do more – investing in our future, our students, is the only option!

Save Our Schools NZ

Installation by Martin Thrupp, Donn Ratana and Viv Aitken
Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, March 2014

Weather permitting, the installation will be available for viewing outside the Festivals of Education venues in Auckland (Viaduct Events Centre) on Sunday 23 March and in Wellington on 29 March (exact Wellington venue to be advised).

Why this installation and why at this time?

This year the Key Government has become unusually upbeat about schools. Festivals of Education are celebrating innovations, collaborations and achievements within the sector. An ‘InspiredbyU’ campaign has been encouraging New Zealanders to write in praise of teachers who have influenced their lives. In January, $359 million of new funding for principals and teacher ‘super roles’ was announced, the so-called ‘Investing in Education Success’ policy.

This enthusiasm comes after five years of being critical of schools and teachers and often applying damaging policies. It also comes in election year, and just in…

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